Chris Northfield

The mysterious exchange student who appears before Arata claiming to be the prince of a kingdom called Seven Central. While his refined conduct befits such a role, he is quite approachable and makes friends easily. What is the secret of his true identity?


Angela Victoire Blendin

One of the competitors in the Princess Waltz, hailing from the land of Agnis. Also known as the Dragon Princess, a name which fits her proud and domineering personality. Her natural elegance is balanced against equal measures of self-satisfaction and lascivious speech.


Suzushiro Shikikagura

The crown jewel of the kingdom of Shihou and a competitor in the Princess Waltz, she is also known as the Princess of Earth. She led a very sheltered childhood and has no knowledge of men or the outside world.


Liliana Lun-Lun Guenther

The Storm Princess of the ocean kingdom of Renstanza, and a competitor in the Princess Waltz. She's a high tension character, a pleasure seeker always in good spirits. Battle should be flashy and fun is her motto, but she's incredibly serious about her participation in the Waltz.


Liesel Hansel

The Princess of Steel from Palmied, country of blacksmiths. She fights to prove that her own personal dress is the strongest. Uninterested in matters beyond smithing, she doesn't get along well with those beyond the inner circle of her artisan comrades.



Dubbed Princess of the Sword and hailing from the kingdom of Soldia, little is known about this mysterious participant in the Waltz beyond her name and nationality. She seems to appear whenever Chris is in danger, yet the two are never seen side by side...


Arata Fukamori

The hot-blooded and impulsive hero of our story. An all around good guy with a positive but rather simplistic worldview, he is quick to rush to the defense of those he sees as wronged. He values friendship highly, but turns a blind eye to romantic entanglements unless they are thrust upon him.


Shizuka Fukamori

The daughter of Fukamori Nanae, and Arata's foster sister. Raised together since they were small, despite the lack of a blood connection their relationship is that of true siblings. She acts as his mentor in many ways, a strong and serious presence more like a samurai than a traditional Japanese beauty.


Nodoka Nonomiya

Arata's childhood friend, an all around girl-next-door type who goes by the nickname Nono. She's a bit of a trend follower, and is of the age where she's in love with the idea of romance. She's generally bright and cheerful, bad at sports but an above average student.


Nanae Fukamori

Shizuka's mother, and Arata's foster mother. Despite her rather unkempt lifestyle (she leaves all household chores to Arata and Shizuka) she can be counted on when the going gets tough. She works as a teacher at Arata's school.


Kazuko Tateyama

Arata's classmate, and one of Nodoka's best friends. A trendspotter du jour with a bright and talkative personality, despite seeming a bit of an airhead she's responsible enough to be the representative of Arata's class to the student council.


Kazuhiro Sugimoto

Arata's classmate, and to put it simply, his worst best friend. Wherever trouble is Kazuhiro is sure to be close by, but he's the type who's hard to dislike regardless.